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Charles V. Beebe - Altamont Enterprise - February 7, 1936

Charles V. Beebe was born November 23, 1856[1], the son of Jacob P. Beebe (September 14, 1830 - January 12, 1914)[2] and Maria Jane Ward (February 24, 1832 - July 25, 18564) [2] . His brothers and sisters were:

Jacob P. Beebe married first Maria Jane Ward on January 1, 1853[2]. Their children were:

  • Calvin J. Beebe
  • James Beebe[2]

Jacob P. Beebe married second Esther Osterhout on August 17, 1865 in Guilderland, NY[2]. Their children were:

  • Lillian A. Beebe[2]
  • Alma H. Beebe[2]


Charles V. Beebe started in his career as harness maker in 1868. He sewed his first piece of harness inGuilderland Center. About four later the family moved to Dunnsville. It was in 1891 that mr. Beebe opened a harness shop in Altamont, in the buildinmg now occupied Minton Becker's shoe shop. Several years later he moved his business to the building occupied at the itme of his death.[1]

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Charles V. Beebe Anniversary- Altamont Enterprise - November 2, 1934

Charles V. Beebe married M. Amanda Frederick (Febreuary 7, 1860 - July 19, 1938) in Guilderland Center.[1] His Children were:

  • Edna Beebe (Mrs. Leo B. Westfall)[1]


Charles V. Beebe died February 4, 1936.[1]


Charles V. Beebe Dies: Was Taken Ill December 13

Death of Veteran Harness Maker Follows That of Sister-in-law By One Day

Charles V. Beebe, Altumont's veteran harness-maker, died Tuesday afternoon, one day following the death of his sister-in-law, Mrs. Alfred Frederick. Mr. Beebe, 79, had long been in ill health, but had continued to keep up his work in the harness shop until a few weeks ago.

On Tuesday, December 3, Mr. and Mrs. Beebe and Mr. and Mrs. Frederick enjoyed dinner tpgether. Mrs. Frederick was taken ill December 5, and died on Monday of this week of thrombosis. She was 76. Mr. Beebe was taken seriously ill of embolism on December 13.

On October 22, 1879, more than 56 years ago, Mr. Beebe married Miss M. Amanda Frederick. At the same wedding, Alfred Frederick, brother of Mrs. Beebe, was married to Adah LaGrange. The ceremony took place in Guilderland Center.

Mr. Beebe started in his career as harness maker in 1808. He sewed his first piece of harness in Guilderland Center. About four years later the family moved to Dunnsville. It was in 1891 that Mr. Beebe opened a harness shop in Altamont, in the building now occupied by Minton Becker's shoe shop. Several years later he moved his business to the building occupied at the time of his death.

Made All Kinds of Harness

He has made harness of every description, from plow harness to coach harness for a United States Judge, Rufus Peckham, by name. "Beebe's Harness" gained so worthy a reputation that auctioneers readily sold any piece of harness made by him.

First along everything was done by hand. For several years the only machinery he had was a sewing machine. As time went on, and business increased, Mr. Beebe acquired more machinery to simplify work

He grew old at his chosen career. His friends today say that he chose a good one - one that due to his efficiency and knowledge in harness-making carried his name to many a sale for miles around. He recently recalled that his reputation was sometimes abused, that some one would lack his name to a piece of harness that he'd never seen, just to be able to sell the product.

Active in Local, Affairs

Mr. Beebe was a charter member of the Altamont hose company, which was organized in 1893. For more than 20 years, up to the time of his death, he was treasure of the local school district. He was also at one time village president of Altamont. Mr. Beebe was a member of the Lutheran church council for nearly 60 years.

Funeral services will be held Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the late home. Dr. Otto E. Voigt, pastor of St. John's Lutheran bhurch, will officiate. Burial will be made in Fairview cemetery.

Mr. Beebe was a son of the late Jacob P. and Jane Ward Beebe. He is survived by his wife, one daughter, Mrs. Leo B. Westfall, one grandson, Leo B. Westfall; a granddaughter, Mrs. Edmund S. Witbeck; one great granddaughter, Barbara Jane Witbeck, all of Altamnt; two sisters, Mrs. Palmer Cleveland of Scotia and Mrs. Charles. Vanderpool of Albany.

Altamont Enterprise - Friday, Feruary 7, 1936

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C. V. Beebe

An establishment which occupies a leading position in this section is that of Mr. C. V. Beebe, manufacturer and dealer in harness and horse goods, and its reputation is such that it is looked upon by many as the headquarters for strictly reliable goods in its line. Mr. Beebe has been identified with the harness business for 28 years and his conducted the same on his own account for six years. He has built up an extensive and select patronage, which is by no means confined to Altamont, but extends throughout the entire section of country. Although handling none but reliable goods, and doing only first-clasa work, Mr. Beebu is by no means extravagent in his prices, on the contrary he is in a position to invite comparison of them with those of any dealer, the quality of material and workmanship being duly considered. He employs none but competent help, and all the custom work is done by him or under his personal supervision, and therefore there is a positive surety that but one grade of work will leave his shop, and that the very best. If you want a harness that will fit well and wear well, and prove to be the cheapest in the long run. It will pay our readers to patronize him, for there is no dealer who is better prepared to give unsurpassed value for money received. Mr. Beebe is well and favorably known and is highly esteemed by his friends and patrons.

Altamont Enterprise - August 13, 1897


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