Beebe, Calvin

From Helderberg Hilltowns of Albany County, NY


Calvin Beebe was born March 11, 1838 in New York, the son of Peter T. Beebe and Abigail Hamm. His brothers and sisters were:

Marriage & Children

Calvin Beebe married Elzina Van Auken about 1863 in Knox, NY. Their children were:


Calvin Beebe died 15 Feb 1919.


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Hi John,

I asked my 5th cousin Robert Haynes, the Adin Beebe descendant in our family, about the Beebe records. After an hour or so of leafing through the family Bible inserts, I believe I know who the parents of your Edward Beebe (1709-May 20, 1786) are :

1) Edward was born in East Haddam, Middlesex Co, Connecticut Colony to Jonathan Beebe 1672-1761) & Bridget Brockway (1671-1755). Both Johnathan & Bridget died in East Haddam. 1b) Bridget Brockway was born to Wolston Brockway (1639-1718) & Hannah Briggs (1634-1680) in Lyme, New London, Connecticut. (The notes say Hannah's parents were some of the original settlers of Boston in the 1630s while Wolston emigrated from England).

2) Edward's father Jonathan Beebe (1672-1761) was born in "New London," which I take to be New London, Middlesex, Connecticut Colony, to Samuel Beebe (1631-1708) & Mary Kenney (1638-1712). Both died at Suthold, Long Island (I don't know Suthold was part of Connecticut Colony or New York Province at that point in time, since the governors of both argued over which part of Long Island belonged to their jurisdictions). 2b) Mary Kenney was born "New London," to William Kenney (b. Glouchestershire [England], 1599- d."New London," 1662). To mother is given.

3) Samuel Beebe (1631-1708) was born "Northhamptonshire," [England I presume] to John Beebe (1599-1651) & Rebecca Ladd (1600-1651) both died on the Atlantic while "in the Speedwell," during a voyage to "New Eng." I presume Samuel was on board too, part of the family emigration, and his parents died of disease.

Perhaps this information could be added to the website,if you see fit. Cheers. John