Barkman, Omer Delos

From Helderberg Hilltowns of Albany County, NY


Omer Delos Barkman was born February 2, 1879 in Rensselaerville, Albany County, NY to Richard Barkman (B. July 1825, D. after 1900) and his wife Elsie (B. July 1842, D. >1920).[1] His birth year has also been recorded as 1877.[2][3] Omer's name has also been spelled as Omar, however Omer is the spelling he used when completing his WWI Draft Registration Card. Omer appears to have been the youngest of Richard and Elsie's children.[4]


Omer was a farmer for much of his life.[4]

Marriage & Children

Omer never married.[4][1]

Physical Appearance

Omer had a medium build and height with blue eyes and brown hair.[1] By 1918, he had some physical disability which was noted as a "deformity" on his WWI Draft Registration card.


Omer appears to have lived in Rensselaerville most of his life. A year after his birth, he was recorded in the 1880 US Census in Rensselaerville with his parents and older siblings.[2] Two decades later he was again recorded while living with his parents in Rensselaerville.[3] In 1900, no occupation was given for Omer, who was recorded as age 23. Omer was not found in the 1910 Census. His 1918 WWI Draft Registration card recorded that he lived in Middleburgh RFD#2, Schoharie, had no occupation and Elsie Barkman of Middleburgh was his nearest relative. By 1920, Omer was living in a house he owned on Crystal Lake Road in Rensselaerville next door to his mother Elise, who was by now a widow. Again no occupation was given for Omer.[5] A decade later, at age 53 years, Omer was alone living at the same location and working as a farmer in his own business.[6]


Omer died after 1930.[6]


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