Barckley, Jehoickim

From Helderberg Hilltowns of Albany County, NY


Jehoickim Barckley was reportedly born in 1747, a son of German immigrants, Eberhard Buercklin and Maria Margareta Hoss. His given name as it is spelled here is how it is recorded in his will, but appears as Joachim in other unverified records.

Marriage & Children

His wife was named Caty, possibly Catherine. His children named in his will were:

  • Bartholomew Barckley
  • John Barckley
  • Henry Barckley
  • Francis Barckley b. about 1777
  • Dolly (Dorothy?) Barckley
  • Lany (Magdalena?)Barckley
  • Gitty (Gertrude?) Barckley
  • Cornelia Barckley


Jehoickim died in the area of Berne that is now known as Knox between June 25, 1814 and November 22, 1814. His wife survived him.

Jehoickim’s Will

His will is difficult to read but not impossible

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