Baptist Church of Bern and Knox, in the Rensselaerville Association New York - 1881 to 1885

From Helderberg Hilltowns of Albany County, NY

1881 Anuel [sic] Letter

The Babtist [sic] Church of Bern & Knox
To The Rensselaerville Association
Dear Breathern [sic]

  In accordance to the usuel [sic] usage we submit this our Annual letter to the association we have no material alterations in our church to communicate We have bin [sic] called to morn [sic] the loss of B Alanson Jones aged Seventy five and allso their has bin [sic] one added to our Church by letter Our present Number is Nineteen otherwise their [sic] is nothing worthy of mention Br Becker is still with and we owe it to his faithfully Labors that Public worship is still keep up in our Church public exercises Twice every four weeks morning and eavinning [sic] may God bless him in his Labors
  Spiretualy [sic] we are living below our Privelages [sic] Union and Harmony Prevailing among us
  The following are chosen delagats [sic] Rev. G. Becker H. A. Wilber Clerk.

  The Sum of Twenty two Dol and Sixty cents for the following purpos [sic]
For Minutes $1.10
Foreign Mission 14.50
Home 7.00


  All of which is Respectfully Submitted by the order of the Church
  H. A. Wilber Clerk.

  At a meeting held at the Babtist [sic] House of worship for the purpos [sic] of Eletion [sic] of Trustees July 30th 1887
  H. A. Wilber chosen chairman Motion made and second That Charles F. Seabury F. Seabury [sic] for Three years Motion made and second That Henry A. Wilber Motion made and second that Hiram P. Gage H. A. Wilber, Clerk
  The following is a list of the members of the Babtist [sic] Church Bern & Knox for the year 1887 Males — Charles F. Seabury Deacon Henry A. Wilber Clerk June 1873. Females — Mrs Lucy A. Witter Adalade Seabury Mary Jane Wilber Mary Schoomaker Adelia Ketcham Adline Seabury Mrs. Lois Pitcher Mrs. Esther Gage Oct 18th 1884 by letter Mrs Louisa Saddlemire May 7 1885 Mrs Jane Frisby May 17 1885 Miss Katharine Flansburgh _____ Boynton Harriet Brownell Caroline Brownell Phoebe Ann Crary

  At a Regular meeting of the Babtist [sic] Members for the purpos [sic] of Eleting [sic] Trustees as a building committee for the purpos [sic] of Building a Shed and Hall for the Babtist [sic] Church at the Township Albany Co. N.Y. Sept. 21st 1887 the following were Appointed as Building Committee. Hiram P. Gage, Charles F. Seabury, Henry A. Wilber, Henry Witter, Robert Schoonmaker, Delos Williamson John Saddlemire

  Annual Letter The Babtist [sic] Church of Bern & Knox The Rensselaerville Association
   Dear Brethren
  In accordance to the usual custom we send this our annual letter to the association.
  We have no material alterations in our Church to communicate We have no settle pastor during the last year Allthough [sic] Elder Becker has meet with us a few times to enchourage [sic] us on our way spiritually we Take Christ for our guide.
  We have expended some Three hundred Dollars in reparing [sic] our House of worship

to make it more comfortable and attractive
  We have keep up our Sabbath School during the last year through the effort of our Superintendent Deacon Seabury wich [sic] is well attended
  Prayer meetings every Sabbath Eaving [sic] In wich their has bin [sic] a Spiritual Interest manifested Suiritualy [sic] we are living below our privilages [sic] among us
  The fowling [sic] Delegates Rev. G. Becker
  Our Membership Number 17

  The sum for missions
for Minutes $1.00
Foreighn 10.00
Home 6.27

of wich [sic] is respectfully submitted by the order of the church.
  Henry A. Wilber Clerk.

  The missionary meeting held the first week in Oct last by Elder Waterbury Stock and Douglas was well attended and a Spritual interest manifested Elder Waterbury stoped [sic] over Sabbath One Death Clarissa Jones Aged 78 West Township Sept. The first 1887
  Henry A. Wilber

Township April 10th 1914
  Received John G. Mengel a check $39.50 as part payment on the Baptist meeting house at Township C. F. Seabury Trustee Township April Paid Mrs. Saddlemire $16. of the church money.

  A copy of the subscription together with a record of the subscribers names contributing to the building of the house of worship for the first Baptist Church of Bern and Knox.
  Whereas it is proposed to build a Baptist Meeting house to be located within one fourth of a mile of the Schoharie and Albany Plank Road and within three fourths of a mile of the school house in district No. 9 in the Town of Knox.
  Now therefore we the undersigned hereby agree to pay the sums by us subscribed within thirty days after this subscription shall amount to twelve hundred dollars to be paid to the regular constituted persons to receive the Same. Dated Oct 31st 1851.

  Dollars Cts.
George W. Beardslee 50.00
S. G. Tower Cash 50. Work 50. 100.00
Cornelius Seabury 100.00
Isaac N. Crary 51.00
Edward P.& W. Crary 30.00
Jacob Hanes Jun 1.00
John Eldridge labor 1.50
Gideon W. Eaton 10.00
Anna McAllen 1.00
H. P. Allen 2.00
Adam Cole .50
Martin Bradt .50

  Dols. Cts.
John A. Ferguson .50
John Ferguson 10.00
Cynthia Chesebro 20.00
Lucy A. Witter 10.00
A. Pinkney 35.00
Joseph W. Crary 15.00
Abigail Witter 2.00
Jerome Shute 3.00
Simon [Frink?] 5.00
James Gibbs 20.00
Eliza Ostrum 1.00
Aurey St. John 10.00
S. M. Eaton 2.00
Catharine Plank 2.00
Amasy Gibbs painting 3.00
Morgan Lawrence side leather 3.00
Asaph E. Shute .50
Phebe Joslin .25
Martin A. Joslin .25
J. D. Vanderwerken 2.00
Lyman Baker 5.00
John [Cow?] & Elam Bradley 1.00
Lucius Gibbs painting 3.00
F. W. Rosekrans 5.00
Dwight Chapin .50
Isaac Crary 50.00
Elizabeth Crary 20.00
Lucy Way 5.00
Joseph Gallup 10.00
Ezra Gallup 5.00
Andrew B. Keenholts 5.00
Bernard Keenholts 5.00
Charles Couch 15.00
C. B. Keenholts 5.00
Ira Van Auken 10.00
Mary Elizabeth Wetzel 1.00
David S. Williamson 3.00
Rachel [Hunt?] 5.00
Philip Gifford 1.00
Ambrose Chesebro 1.00
Elizabeth Denison 5.00
Henry L. Denison 2.00
Wm. Fareley 5.00
[ P..?] Doty 1.00

  Dols. Cts.
Adam Warner .50
Thomas Slade .50
Christopher W. Warner .25
E. V. Filkins 1.00
Sarah A. Blackman .50
Henrietta Blackman .50
Mrs. Catharine Filkins .50
Madalena Warner .25
M. Lee 3.00
Jacob I. Quackenbush 3.00
Robert Ward 1.10
Andrew Van Auken 2.00
Stephen V. Pangburn 1.00
Peleg Chesebro 10.00
Henry Stevins 2.00
Avery Crary 3.00
Daniel J. Crary 3.00
Peter Leip 1.00
Peter Sand 2.00
Sylvester Sand 1.00
Alexander Crounse 5.00
John G. Crary 5.00
Abram Wagoner .50
H. Barckley 2.50
Amos Crary 5.00
David Van Auken 5.00
John Saddlemire the 4th 1.00
Eldredge W. Chesebro 1.00
J. C. Packard 1.00
Henry Passage .50
Ezra Stephens 2.00
Ira Marsh 1.00
Jacob Weller .50
James V. Wemple 1.00
Harvy Brownel .50
Robert Schoomaker 2.50
Mrs. Harriet Swan 1.00
Thomas J. Ferguson 1.00
J. & V. Cane 1.00
V. V. R. Linn 1.00
James L. McMillen 1.00
James A. Templer 2.00
William Aikin 5.00
John T. Clute 1.00
Sabrina Shute 1.00

  Dols. Cts.
John Shute 1.00
Alexander Ferguson 5.00
Isaac Pierce 5.00
Edmond Pierce 1.00
Benj. Starkweather 1.00
G. H. Chase in lumber at my store 3.00
Wm Goddard 1.00
James Tucker .25
Rev. Ira Butler 2.00
John Cook 5.00
Henry Gott 1.00
E. B. Bigelow 1.00
Henry Warner .50
Z. H. Benjamin 1.00
Sarah Denison 2.00
Joseph Wetzel 4.00
David Schaubir 1.00
Doctor .50
Sloansville Church 3.75
Gibson & Dalton 2.00
John G. Liddle 5.00
Jabez Crary 5.00
John Keenholts 5.00
J. A Haswell 5.00
Fredrick Orelup 5.00
Henry Orelup 3.00
Mr. Hermance 1.00
W. G. B. 10.00
Theod V Van Heusen 3.00
Cash 2.00
M. J. Hallenbeck 10.00
Ira Harris 5.00
James A. Grant 3.00
Porter Simmons .50
Henry Williams 5.00
Ford & Capron 3.00
Denison Crary 3.00
John Saddlemire the 4th 5.00
John Garrison 1.00
Peter Auchanpaugh 5.00
Simeon Morgan 5.00
John Farelie 4.00
Dodge Stevens & Co 1.50
Anna Zimmer 5.00
George Snyder 2.00

  Dols. Cts.
Adam Snyder 5.00
Cash from Collection at Dedication 32.31

"      from    "     at Thanksgiving	1.50

Alansing Onderdonk .50
Mr. Hulett one clock 5.00
Charles Frink 5.00
A W. Willse 1.50
Charles R. Gordon 5.00
Ichabod Dibble 1.00
John Miller 2.00
James Armstrong 5.00
Francis Orelup 2.00
Bemsley Williamson 5.00
David Williamson 5.00
L. Slade Esq. 1.00
John Truax 5.00
Abm Vanderpool 5.00
Alexander Liddle 5.00
William [H.?] Bronk 1.00
M. A. Blessing .50
George Tygert 1.00
Philena Pinkney 5.00
Abram Onderdonk 1.00
Israel Baker 5.00
Henry Van Auken 2.00
John B. Gray 2.00
G. V. & J. Johnson 5.00
Alexander Tygert 5.00
Henry Sloan 5.00
Henry Wright 3.00
Mrs. Green 1.00
John Passage 3.00
Mr. Patterson 2.00
Cash received on donation 201.00
Cash by donation from Brooklyn 50.