Baptist Church of Bern and Knox, in the Rensselaerville Association New York - 1845 to 1852

From Helderberg Hilltowns of Albany County, NY

April 11th 1847

  Resolved that we grant letters of dismission to Eliza Ann Phillips, Dea Ruel Phillips & wife.
  May 11 Hear Father Isaac Crary tell his experience & the Church fellowshiped it & received him as a candidate for Baptism & a member of the Church when Baptised.
  May 12 He was baptized and admitted as a member.
  At a Church Meeting held in Knox on the 25th day of October 1851, It was on motion seconded and passed by a majority of members present that Letters of Commendation be granted to Brother Hezekiah Reynolds & Sister Aseneth Reynolds. A. Pinkney Ch. Clk.
  At a Church Meeting held on the 8th day of November 1851, at the school house in School district No. 9, in the town of Knox in the County of Albany, Bro. Stephen G. Tower, acting as Moderator, and Augustus Pinkney was present as Clerk. It was on motion being duly made and seconded, — —
  Resolved, That two decons be appointed,

  Resolved, that bro. Cornelius Seabury be recognized as a deacon of this Church,
  Resolved, That a Committee consisting of five brothers be appointed to be denominated a building Committee and that brethren Cornelius Seabury, S. G. Tower, I. N. Crary, Joseph W. Crary, and A. Pinkney, compose the said Committee,
  Resolved, that A. Pinkney act as the Treasurer,
  Resolved that Cornelius Seabury, Isaac N. Crary and Joseph W. Crary are duly elected Trustees of the Church. It was also declared by a plurality of votes that the said Trustees and their successors should forever hereafter be called and known by the name or title of the "Trustees of the First Baptist Church of Bern & Knox." It was then on motion
  Resolved that the meeting adjourn til the 22d inst at 6 O'clock, P.M.
A. Pinkney, Ch. Clk. S. G. Tower Moderator
A true copy of the minutes. A. Pinkney Ch. Clk.

  At an adjourned meeting held pursuant to adjournment at the Rooms of S. G. Tower in Knox, S. G. Tower acting as moderator & A. Pinkney acting as Clerk, It was
  Resolved that the plan in general for the proposed Church by bro. S. G. Tower be accepted.
  Resolved that the meeting adjourn till the 6th day of December next at the School house at 2 O'clock P.M. A. Pinkney Ch. Clk. S. G. Tower Modr. A True Copy of the minutes. A. Pinkney, Ch. Clk.
  At an adjourned meeting held pursuant to adjournment on the 6th day of December 1851, at the rooms of bro. S. G. Tower (Knox) Township Bro. E. P. Crary was chosen Moderator and A. Pinkney was present as Church Clk. After prayer by J. Shute, the proceedings of the former meetings were read and approved. It was on motion duly made and seconded
  Resolved, That the Treasurer pay out the fund of the Church on the order of the building Committee or some one of them and in no case shall he pay any moneys to anyone

of the said Committee on an order payable to & drawn by himself. It was also
  Resolved, that the Treasurer purchase a Blank Order Book for the use of the Church.
  Resolved That the building Committee proceed as soon as practicable to the commencement & prosecution and completion of the work. It was then on motion made by Bro. Isaac N. Crary, seconded by bro. Jerome Shute,
  Resolved that a council be called to meet on the 2d Tuesday in January next at the Township, for the purpose of ordaining bro. S. G. Tower to the work of the gospel ministry and that bro. Rev. Chas. Ferguson be invited to preach the ordination Sermon, and that the Clerk send written invitations to the several Churches in this Association, to send delegations to assist in the council. After prayer by bro. S. G. Tower the meeting adjourned sine dye. A. Pinkney Ch. Clk. Ed P. Crary, Moderator.
  A true Copy of the minutes. A. Pinkney Ch. Clk.

  Jany 13th 1852 The Delegations from Churches in the association convened and as there was not a sufficient number in attendance it was
  Resolved by the members present to adjourn sine die,
  At a church meeting held in the 24th day of January 1852, in the Township (Knox), after singing and prayer by several Brethren Bro. Gideon W. Eaton was appoinnted moderator, and A. Pinkney was present as Ch. Clk. Whereupon it was moved by bro. Jas. Gibbs seconded by Cornelius Seabury, that a council be called to convene, at the 3d Methodist Episcopal Church, Township (Knox) on the 2d Tuesday of February next to consider the propriety of Ordaining Bro. Stephen G. Tower, to the work of the Gospel Ministry.
  Resolved that there be one or more

associate deacons ordained on the 2d Tuesday, of February next.
  Bro. James Gibbs presented his letter of dismission from the Westerlo Church and it was
  Resolved that we receive and fellowhip him as a member in full standing
  Resolved That the building Committee be authorized to advertize for the erection & finish of the proposed Church for building by contract.
  Resolved that the meeting adjourn sine die. A. Pinkney Ch. Clk. E. P. Crary Moderator. A True Copy of the minutes. A. Pinkney, Ch. Clk.
  At a church meeting held on the 14th day of February 1852, Township (Knox) It was unanimously
  Resolved, that we set apart the first Sabbath in May 1852, for a season, for commemorating in the use of the appropriate symbols of the supper of our dying Lord and Saviour, and that each

succeeding first sabbath in every second month be designated for the same purpose, it is further
  Resolved that each Saturday preceding the first sabbath in each month be set apart for Covenant and church meetings the Covenant meeting always preceeding the Sabbath of the Communion.

A. Pinkney Ch. Clk.

  The following proceedings were had on the day therein mentioned, Viz,
  Pursuant to the call of the Baptist Church of Bern & Knox, in the Rensselaerville Association, an ecclesiastical council convened in the 3d Methodist Episcopal church in the town of Knox, on the 10th day of February 1852 for the purpose of examining Br Stephen G. Tower and if thought proper to ordain him to the work of the gospel ministry. The council was called to order & Bro Chas A. Ferguson was chosen Moderator & Bro Stephen G. Teeple Clerk. The several churches in the

association being called the following pastors and delegates from the following churches appeared,
Rensselaerville Rev. C. A. Ferguson
     Br. M. Frink
     Br. L. Fancher
Preston Hollow Rev. Eld. H. Haynes
     Br. J. C. Weeden
First Westerlo Eld G. C. Ripp
     Bro. Wyngar
     Bro. W. H. Lapaugh
Shaysville Eld. R. Parshall
     Bro. R. Brand
     Bro. H. Van Dusen
     Bro. J. H. Short
     Bro. S. G. Teeple
Flat Creek Eld. J. B. Van Housen
     Bro. A. Mackey
     Bro. G. Fox
Charleston Dea. C. J. Millard
New Baltimore Bro. O. Van Blenis
Greenville Eld. H. Lord
     Bro. Wm Thorn
Bern & Knox Bro. Jas. Gibbs
     Bro. Jerome Shute
     Bro. I. N. Crary

  After the usual examination it was unanimously resolved to proceed to his ordination on the following day.
  Feb. 11th the order of serviced observed were Reading of the Scriptures by Eld. H. Haynes Sermon by Eld. G. C. Tripp from 2 Tim. 4:2. Theme "The duty of the faithful minister of Christ in preaching the gospel" ordaining prayer by Eld. C. H. Ferguson laying on hands with Elders H. Haynes and J. B. Van Housin Charge to the candidate by Eld. R. F. Parshall. Right hand of fellowship by Eld. J. B. Van Housin [sic]. Charge to the church by Eld. H. Lord. Hymn and benediction by the candidate.
  At the same time Brethren Cornelius Seabury and Avery St. John were set apart to the office of Deaconship by ordination.
  S. G. Teeple, Clerk Chas. H. Ferguson Moderator
  Recorded Feb. 12, 1852
  Augustus Pinkney. Ch. Clk. of the Church of Bern & Knox.

Sept. 21, 1852 (copy of Handwriting of missionary)
  Recd of the Baptist Church of Bern & Knox Society & Congregation Sixteen 95/100 dollars-, to appropriate to building a house of Whorship in the Island of Haiti.
   W. S. Judd Missionary of the Bap Free Mission Society.
  Recorded 16.95/100 dolls Sept. 21st, 1852 A. Pinkney Ch. Clk.

  At a meeting of the Members of the Church of Bern & Knox held on the 5th day of April 1854, Bro. Cornelius Seabury was chosen Chairman and A. Pinkney was present as Ch. Clerk, it was on motion
  Resolved that, Bro. James Gibbs, be and is hereby elected Trustee; in place of Isaac N. Crary, removed from the bounds of the Church; It was then
  Resolved that - - - - - -