Auchambach, Peter

From Helderberg Hilltowns of Albany County, NY


Peter Auchambach was born in Schoharie County on August 11, 1744 a son of Rudolph Achenbach and Elisabeth Catherine Mann.


His education has not been defined, but he was able to write his own name.


He was a farmer

Marriage & Children

On January 21, 1766 he married Annatie Settle who was born in Schoharie County at about 1745, a daughter of Jacob Zittel and Elizabeth Bracham. Their known children were:

  • Anna Christina Achenbach b. February 25, 1767 specifically named as Annatie in her father’s will, married to Conrad Spaerbeck
  • Catharine Achenbach b. May 29, 1768
  • Elisabeth Achenbach b. October 14, 1769
  • Barbara Achenbach b. May 7, 1771
  • Margaret Achenbach b. April 1, 1773
  • Jacob Achenbach b. October 29, 1774 married Mary Turk
  • Maria Achenbach b. April 26, 1776 specifically named in her father’s will as Maria Hurst
  • Peter Achenbach, Jr. baptized March 17, 1778 specifically named in his father’s will
  • Conrad Achenbach b. February 21, 1780 specifically named in his father’s will
  • George Achenbach b. July 2, 1782
  • Johannes Achenbach baptized April 8, 1784
  • Rudolph Auchampaugh
  • Reuben Achenbach b. about 1786
  • Sophia Achenbach b. October 16, 1787 specifically named in her father’s will, she married Ezra Buckbee

Peter married secondly the widow, Eve Vosburg, on January 25, 1797.


Annatie died in 1796. Peter died in October of 1801 both probably in what is now Knox.

Peter’s Will

A lot of this will is illegible

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