Amerinus Hubbell House

From Helderberg Hilltowns of Albany County, NY
Amerinus Hubbell House - Photo Courtesy of Phyllis Johnson
Amerinus Hubbell House - Photo Courtesy of Phyllis Johnson
  • 1797 Peter Weidman's daughter, Maria, married Almerinus Hubbell.
  • 1800 Almerinus and Maria Hubbell built their home across the street from her parents and opened a store in his house. It provided supplies to the farmers who came to town to have their grain ground at Weidman’s mills, and competed with the one opened a decade or so earlier by Johannes Fisher. With Weidman's mill and Hubbell's store, the hamlet of Berne began to take shape.
  • 1822 Hubbell's daughter Elizabeth married Peter Settle. Presumably Peter was the brother of Jacob who opened the J. Settle Store about next to the bridge 1817/19.
  • 1850 Peter was a lawyer and a clerk in Jacob's store in 1855.
  • 1866 E. Settle was living in the Dr. Hubbell House. This was Peter's son Edward who was the miller at the gristmill (formerly Weidman's) below the house.
  • Later Ruth Hay owned it.
  • On her death, her brother Leslie and wife Rose inherited it.
  • Margaret (Peg) Maynes bought the house from Rose Hay.

In more recent years the house was renovated into a three-family home. The upstairs and woodshed were converted into apartments. Hooks are still in the dining room ceiling where the storekeepers use to hang slabs of meat and vegetables from poles.