Reinhart, Adam

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Adam Reinhart, was the son of Johannes Reinhart and Margaret Deitz. He was born June 16, 1805, in Berne and was the youngest of their 11 children.


According to the 1850 census, Adam was a farmer and lived in Berne.


Marriage & Children

Adam married Sophia Snyder on December 23, 1824, at the Beaverdam Reformed Church, in Berne. They had 9 children all born in Berne:


Adam died on November 6, 1865, in Berne and was buried in Woodlawn Cemetery along with his wife who died on January 11, 1881.

Additional Media

Note: In 1845, Adam Reinhart purchased a Bible which was eventually given to Elsie Reinhart who passed it on to her son, Richard B. Barton. It was then given to Dana Barton Berry, oldest daughter of Richard where it remains today. (2008) The front of the Bible has some family information. Further information can be found in the Media section above.