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Asa Abbott was born May 25, 1759 in Lebanon, New London, Connecticut, USA[1] (or POMFRET CONNECTICUT - DAR records)



Asa entered the service at Lebanon, New London Co., CT in 1775 as a private for a term of 6 months. Throughout the war he was called into service and served almost constantly. His commanding officer killed, Asa was ordered to assume command of that unit and thus became a Sargeant. He served under Captain James Clark in Colonel Putnam's Regiment.

Marriage & Children

Asa Abbott married Elizabeth Pratt (26 Jul 1761 in Colchester, Connecticut, USA - 1845 in Clay, Onondaga, New York, USA) on 22 Aug 1782 in Spencertown, Columbia, New York, USA. Their children were:[1]

  • Asa Abbott M 4 Sep 1783 in Spencertown, Columbia, New York, USA married Elizabeth Becker (DAR records)
  • Elizabeth Abbott F 24 Apr 1787 married John Wolford (1787 - 11 Jan 1848 in Knox, Albany, New York, USA)
  • Ralph Pratt Abbott M 29 Mar 1790
  • Ira Abbott M 1792


Asa Abbott died July 29, 1826 and is buried in Knox at the Wolford Family Cemetery. His widow was still living and residing with her son, Asa, at Clay, Onondaga County, New York in 1850 at age 86.


Additional Media

Revolutionary War Widow's Pension for Elizabeth Pratt Abbott

Asa Abbot in household of Asa Abbot, "United States Census, 1800"
name: Asa Abbot
residence: Berne, Albany, New York
page number: 64
nara publication number: M32
nara roll number: 22
film number: 193710
digital folder number: 004440898
image number: 00069

Asa Abbot in household of Asa Abbot, "United States Census, 1810"
name: Asa Abbot
event place: Berne, Albany, New York
page number: 182
line number: 800
nara publication number: M252
nara roll number: 26
film number: 0181380
digital folder number: 004433166
image number: 00100

Asa Abbott in household of Asa Abbott, "United States Census, 1820"
name: Asa Abbott
event place: Berne, Albany, New York
page number: 2
nara publication number: M33
nara roll number: 63
film number: 0193718
digital folder number: 004433435
image number: 00013

Wolford Family Burying Ground - Knox-Gallupville Road 1? miles from Knox. Begin on your left in field on Wolford farm. (Site reported destroyed!)

  • Col. Asa Abbott, died July 29, 1826 aged 67 years. DAR Mohawk Rev.

(Also reported buried near the Whipple farm in Knox, which may be the same place. The Wolford Farm has a transcription of his stone.) Asa daughter married a Wolford, so it makes sense he is buried in the Wolford Cemetery.)

Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots about Asa Abbott
Name: Asa Abbott
Cemetery: Priv cem
Location: nr Knox, Albany NY 33

Source Citation: Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots; Volume: 1; Page:  ; Serial: 9787; Volume: 5. Source Information: Hatcher, Patricia Law. Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 1999. Original data: Hatcher, Patricia Law. Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots. Vol. 1-4. Dallas, TX, USA: Pioneer Heritage Press, 1987.

Asa Abboot under listing of "Albany County Militia (Land Bounty Rights) - Seventeenth Regiment - Enlisted men

New York in the Revolution as Colony and State By New York (State). Comptroller's Office, James Arthur Roberts, Frederic Gregory Mather

With the cursory remarks we shal give a list of the deceased, soldiers and sages of the revolution first mentioned above, feeling it a duty, at least, to preserve their names. Died recently - At Berne, NY, Maj. Asa Abbot

Niles' Weekly Register, Volume 21

(Knox land bounded) north, by the Highway, and on the east, south and went by the lands of Asa Abbot, (now deceased) - Albany, the tweety-second day of April, one thousand eight hundreddred and twenty-eight.

Albany Journal, September 30, 1931 (Difficult to read - Fulton site)

DAR Web Site:

ABBOTT, ASA Ancestor #:A000049
Pension Number: *W20558
Service Description:

Notices of Revolutionary Soldiers
ABBOTT. In Berne, Albany Co,. on the 24th ult., maj. Asa Abbott. BUF. PAT., Aug. 7. 1821.

The Genealogical Exchange, Volumes 1-7 - By Natalie R. Fernald


Regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Johan Jost Deitz:

John Gallup, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Johan Jost Deitz, resigfned.

Asa Abbot, first major, vice John Gallup, promoted; Gideon Gallup, second major, vice Asa Abbot, do.

Johannes Sant, captain, vice Gideon Gallup, do.

Lewis Sherman, captain, vice A. Talman, moved.

Lieutenants — Thomas Waugh, vice Johannes Sant, promoted; Artemas Morris, vice L. Sherman, do; Thomas Rogers, vice J. Crary, moved.

Ensigns — Justice Boynton, vice T. Waugh/promoted ; Jonathan Parrish, vice A. Morris, promoted; Robert Reed, vice T. Rogers, do.

George Gallup, lieutenant, vice J. Smith, resigned ; Cornelius Van Deusen, ensign, vice G. Gallup, promoted.

Military minutes of the Council of appointment of the state of New York, 1783-1821

A different Asa Abbot from Andover, MA, was a private in Captain Henry Abbot's company and probably buried in SOuth Parish Burying Ground in Andover. Family of Mary Foster (18783) & Timothy Abbot

32445. Asa Abbot. Born on 17 Oct 1721 in Andover, MA. Asa died in Andover, MA, on 24 Dec 1797; he was 76.

On 20 Sep 1744 when Asa was 22, he married Elizabeth Abbot (42829) , daughter of Ephraim Abbot (6 Aug 1682-8 Jun 1748) & Sarah Crosby (35418) (12 Jun 1694-5 Aug 1780), in Andover, MA. Born on 10 Jul 1726 in Andover, MA.431
Elizabeth died in Andover, MA, on 18 Dec 1819; she was 93.

Yet another Asa Abbot and his son Asa Abbot lived in Sydney, Maine (I believe).

Private Asa Abbot in Sixth Company, Connecticut


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